Horse Manure Briquette

Horse manure

Yes i know what you’re thinking, making horse manure briquettes using a briquette maker sounds disgusting but trust me its not as bad as it seems and best of all if you can get your hands on free horse manure the briquettes you make are absolutely free.

Free heat from horse poo, how good is that.

Now I know your next question…. If I burn the briquettes isn’t it going to stink the house out, the answer to that is no.  The briquettes wont give off any foul smells because the odour evaporates when the manure has dried out.

All you need to make your briquettes is a strong stomach, horse manure and that includes donkeys and ponies, a briquette maker that can be bought for under £20 and a bit of time.


How to make horse manure briquettes

  1. Ask your local stable for some manure, they’re usually happy to give it away free.
  2. Put on your marigolds.
  3. Grab a handful of manure and pack it into the briquette maker until full.
  4. Squeeze out all the moisture.
  5. Turn the moulded manure briquette out.
  6. Repeat until all manure has been used.
  7. Leave bricks to dry out in a dry but ventilated area for about 1-3 weeks depending on weather.
  8. Take your poo bricks and burn them on an open fire or wood burning stove– and there you have it, free fuel!


Each briquette should burn for at least 1 hour.

For the briquettes to work properly you need to keep them dry, they also need to be stored in an area with low humidity in the air as they will absorb moisture making them less effective.

After you’ve burnt the briquettes you can use the ashes as a fertiliser in your garden.

Dried manure is routinely used in many countries for cooking and burning as a fuel for heating.