Homemade Briquette Maker

So you like the principle of making Eco friendly paper logs but would prefer to make your own press rather than buying a ready made briquette maker. This maybe because you would rather keep it Eco friendly by using items you already have or you want to see if it works before buying, whichever the reason the concept is the same.

Whether you want to make your briquette out of paper or horse poo you will need a mold to put the waste material into. Look around your home and see what would make a good shape to mould your briquettes, cake tins, buckets, plastic containers, sturdy tubes and much more can be used.

It doesn’t matter what material you are using to make the briquettes you need to squeeze as much moisture out as you possibly can. The more moisture you squeeze out the denser the briquette becomes and the longer it will burn and the drying time will be less.

Ideas for squeezing out the moisture can be as simple as squeezing it out with you hands although you wont get a very efficient briquette for burning. Use your own weight by standing on the mould or weigh it down with heavy objects. Car jacks are ideal as you can use the hydraulic pressure or scissor action to really squeeze out the moisture but you will need to make some sort of device to make to mount everything.

There are all sorts of contraption that you can find to make your own briquette maker dotted around the internet and below are some of the popular ones.

Plastic bucket briquette maker.

Bucket for making briquettsGet yourself a sturdy plastic bucket and drill loads of holes in the bottom and up the side using a 1/4 drill bit. Place the bucket onto a thick piece of wood and draw around the base. Cut out the wood. Put the waste material you want to use to make the briquettes into the bucket, how much you put in will be trial and error to start with but once you have found how much you need mark the bucket so you get consistent results.

With all the material in the bucket place the wood that you cut out on top. You now need to squeeze out as much moisture as you can. You could stand on it, place bricks or other heavy objects like dumbbells or use the car jacks that i mentioned. If you have another bucket place that into the bucket with the waste material, place a plank of wood across the second bucket and sit on it.

What you are looking at is getting rid of as much moisture as possible. Once you have squeezed it as much as you can you can tip the bucket up to get the briquette out. If it has been pressed enough it should pop out without breaking. At this stage you can cut it into quarters if you are looking for smaller briquettes. Leave to dry and store in a dry moisture free environment.

Caulk gun log maker.

Caulk gun to make paper logsThis clever idea makes small log shaped briquettes. You will need a caulk gun, a length of 40mm plastic waste pipe and a 40mm end cap. Cut the waste pipe to the length of the caulk gun so it fits in snuggle and push the end cap onto one end. Drill loads of holes in the pipe and end cap using a 1/4 drill bit.

Fill the plastic pipe with your waste material, load it into the caulk gun and pull the trigger. Keep pulling the trigger until no more moisture comes out from the holes.

Release the handle and remove the tube. Take off the end cap and use a piece of wood that fits inside the pipe to push out the log.  Leave to dry and store in a moisture free environment.

Wooden lever briquette press.

briqutte lever pressIf your looking for the ultimate briquette maker this one could be for you.


For full instructions on how to make this press click here